Aeinnova is a company dedicated to the creation of Industrial IoT solutions powered by industrial waste heat and wind using long range wireless NB-IOT / LTE-M and LoraWAN.


INDU-EYE is your flagship solution, an end-to-end IoT condition monitoring system specialized in vibrations and temperature. A solution without batteries, flexible, scalable, very easy to install and very low maintenance with which you can always know what is happening in each process in your industry and prevent unexpected stops.


Since its creation in 2014, as a startup of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, its technology has received multiple awards such as the Best Innovative Technology at the IoT World Congress 2017, finalist in the DENA Energy Transition Awards 2017 or in the TOP4 in the IoT Innovation World Cup 2021. In the field of research, it is leading 5 European projects together with the most important research centers at European level related to Energy Harvesting + IoT.


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