Agile Content and Edgeware provide modular OTT solutions that help telecom operators capitalize their TV business and deliver modern TV services. Their combined portfolio ranges from fully managed TV services – including the management of aggregated content – to SaaS applications and infrastructure platforms, which offer innovative yet cost-efficient and scalable solutions to their customers’ TV businesses.


5G is set to revolutionize video consumption. Agile Content and Edgeware are driving 5G’s growth with their virtualized CDN offering, which provides the functionality needed to offer richer TV experiences and high QoS on mobile devices anywhere, at any time.


Its cloud-based infrastructure also offers new opportunities for content production innovation. For more than 10 years, Agile Content and Edgeware have offered solutions to telecom and media companies that enable them to deliver and monetize their TV and video services via different distribution technologies and flexible business models.


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