CyG It Sustainable Tech is a technological corporation leader in integral management of the life cycle of electronic devices in South Europe. Official service of main manufacturers such as Lenovo, Toshiba, Asus, and others. Invested of Telefónica, is based in a Sevillian town called Bollullos de la Mitación and has presence in more than 100 countries across the five continents thanks to its 200 employees and its wide network of local partners.


The corporation was created 17 years ago, and currently repairs an average of 500.000 devices per year thanks to their optimization and management of the process through AI & big data tools, predictive analysis, and reused technology. This allows them to offer the best service to the client while promoting a circular economy. It´s Aitana platform manages more than 3M. previous experiences that place the success rate in the diagnosis above 97%.


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