Galgus is a company whose goal is to unleash the full value of WiFi networks. This way, they achieve fast, robust, secure and scalable high-performance networks.Galgus democratizes access to advanced features, such as unified management from the cloud, automatic network optimization, Passpoint, location and counting of people, heat maps and detection and mitigation of hackers. Until now, networks with similar features were limited to complex projects and huge budgets. In addition to APs, Galgus provides a complete portfolio of solutions (switches, network enhancers, antennas, routers) as well as professional services (3D design and simulation, troubleshooting, management, verification and training).


Every day, more than 1 million users enjoy Galgus networks in complex environments such as convention centers, luxury resorts, train stations, aircraft, buses, schools, hotels, and connected towns or cities. Galgus is a member of the WiFi Alliance and WBA, and its solutions are recommended by Gartner, Telefonica and Facebook, among others.


Its pioneer analytics solution, the most complete product in the market, provides advanced visibility of platform performance, audience behavior, advertising and content efficiency in real-time to support informed, data-driven decisions.


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