Pangeanic is a leading provider of intelligent Natural Language Processing services NLP (Deep Adaptive machine translation, anonymization, eDiscovery and Knowledge Discovery), content management, human translation services, data for artificial intelligence systems training, multilingual publishing, software and documentation translation and localization.

Pangeanic technological Division, PangeaMT, provides the ECO platform and API services, offering customized AIpowered cognitive engines that perform language translation and PII redaction (anonymization) to meet terminology requirements of unique language domains.

Deep-adaptive cognitive engines deploy the highest quality translations, automated anonymization and enterprisegrade security either on-premises, or from private servers in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. The company is currently leading the European Commission’s MAPA project to provide a standardized open-source multilingual anonymization platform for EU public administrations which enables compliance with GDPR. Pangeanic is also a leading contributor to NTEU, the Near- Human Quality Neural Machine Translation resource for Public Administrations in the EU.

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